Well, hey there!


 I see you found my bio... I love sharing my music with you because I love sharing my stories, and I hope you hear something you can relate to. Music has always been a gateway for me. I always felt like I could express my emotions through music, whether it be through a melody or lyrics. 

On December 5th, 1995, I was born in Pleasanton, CA. and soon after moved to Bourbonnais, IL. with my family. I started playing piano when I was 5, started writing music around 9, and later picked up the guitar and violin. I grew up with awesome parents who loved The Eagles, Elton John, Toto, and Tori Amos, so a lot of my inspiration for songs comes from them. I thank my parents everyday for their love of classic rock, because I know that I would not be the same girl if it wasn't for a lil' Joe Walsh in my life!

I decided that I wanted to make music my career, and attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for Music Education. I kept up with my writing, and started to play at venues such as The Canopy Club, The Iron Post, Blackbird, and more. I grew to love performing and writing, and made a ton of friends throughout the rest of my college career. I graduated with a Bachelor in General Music Education in the Spring of 2018. 


I am now a Music Teacher in East LA, teaching 6th-8th grade how to sing, play piano, guitar, violin, and write their own music. I also perform at venues in LA such as The Bourbon Room, Harvelle's Blues Club, and more. I love being both a Full-Time Singer/Songwriter and Music Teacher because I get to do what I love everyday: music! I hope you feel something when listening to my music, because I can guarantee you it's from the heart!<3

Thanks for reading, can't wait to get to know you and your story!

Tori Leppert